Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Helpful hints for Gmail users

I love Gmail but recently they have added new functions that can take up viewing space on your screen. If you see below on the bottom left there are 2 'headings' called Meet and Hangout. These are video communication tools that Google allows you to use. The problem is if you don't use them much they obscure the folder list in Gmail.

To remove them so you can see all your folders click on the settings icon on the top right (see below).

The click on See all settings

The click on Chat and Meet on the menu bar.

To switch off the Meet and Hangout menus on the left select Off for Google Chat (Hangout) and Hide the Meet section in the main menu.

Now you will be able to see all your folders!

If there are folders you do not need, for example if you are setup for IMAP then you will have extra folders like below beginning with [imap]. To hid these clip on the 3 dots beside the folder when your mouse hovers over it. Select 'Hide' under 'In label list' and the folder will no longer be visible in the top list but can still be accessed by clicking on 'more' on the bottom of the list to see all the folders.

[imap] folders        

I hope you have found this helpful. As always feel free to share with others and comment below. If you need any help with this or other IT issues do get in touch!